Month of Poetry

Writing a poem a day for the Month of January.

About Month of Poetry 2015

What is Month of Poetry?

Otherwise know as #MoP, Month of Poetry is a personal challenge to write one poem ever day for the month of January. Co-ordinated by Australian poet and children’s author, Kathryn Apel#MoP is for enjoyment and inspiration – for everyone. It’s not a competition, and you won’t be judged. There is no disgrace in writing less than thirty poems, so make the challenge work for you – and celebrate every poem you write!

Family and writing commitments mean that #MoP will be changing shape a little in 2015. Locked #MoP blog pages will only post every Saturday (Australian-time) with a challenge or theme for that particular day.  Poets are encouraged to write to the theme, and share words and discussion with other MoPpers on those (5) days, remembering that all poems and comments posted to these pages need to be family-friendly.

I will not be convening a daily locked-blog in 2015, though you are of course still welcome to post your poems to your own blog.

Sign–up opens on 15th December and closes on 30th December, Australian time. A new, relevant page will appear in the sidebar, where you can leave your social media details (twitter/blog/facebook) if you want to connect with other MoPpers. Children are very welcome to participate, but they will need a parent or guardian to sign them up.


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